SkyFire Ignition - Boost your Power!

What is the SkyFire Ignition Driver?

The SkyFire Igntion Driver is an Ignition Driver that's capable of generating a superior spark to the engine. It results in more performance, a lower fuel consumption and an improved drivability. What makes the SkyFire Ignition Driver special is that it uses a set of algorithms and Spark Control for the best result.

Besides generating a superior spark, it can also rectify Ignition Timing problems. When spare parts aren't available anymore, like vacuum advance units, the SkyFire Ignition Driver can replace them. For example, in case of a broken vacuum advance unit, the fuel consumption will increase with approximately 30%.

The SkyFire Ignition Driver extends any Distributor System and even some other systems, for example a Distributorless Ignition Systems (DIS). It can be used for petrol fueled cars and it has no problems with difficult fuels, like: E5, E10, E15 and E20. An extra set of algorithms paired with an additional map will enhance CNG and LPG even more.

Installing the SkyFire Ignition Driver can be done without modifying existing car parts. The existing Ignition System can be used as a Backup System. When preferred it can be installed out of sight, like beneath the dashboard.

Rally and racing cars will benefit from a higher performance over the entire REV-range and the superb throttle response. Even with mixtures which are too rich or too lean; they will burn off perfectly.

The SkyFire Ignition is developed with 2020-Technology used in the most modern (lean burning) engines. SkyFire Ignition brings this technology to Distrubutorized Engines of all ages. This makes it a must have for classic rally and racing cars and a nice addition for daily drivers and Classic Car enthusiasts.