SkyFire Ignition - Boost your Power!

What is the SkyFire 1 Ignition Driver?

The SkyFire 1 Ignition Driver is an Ignition Driver that's capable of generating a superior spark to the engine. It results in more performance, a lower fuel consumption and an improved drivability. What makes the SkyFire1 Ignition Driver has a special Spark Control for the best result.

It can be used for petrol fueled cars and it has no problems with difficult fuels, like: E5, E10, E15 and E20.

Installing the SkyFire1 Ignition Driver can be done without modifying existing car parts. The existing Ignition System can be used as a Backup System. When preferred it can be installed out of sight, like beneath the dashboard.

Rally and racing cars will benefit from a higher performance over the entire REV-range and the superb throttle response. Even with mixtures which are too rich or too lean; they will burn off perfectly.

The SkyFire1 Ignition is developed with 2020-Technology used in the most modern (lean burning) engines. SkyFire Ignition brings this technology to Distrubutorized Engines of all ages. This makes it a must have for classic rally and racing cars and a nice addition for daily drivers and Classic Car enthusiasts.