SkyFire Emission - Reduce your emissions!

SkyFire Emission

The SkyFire Emission is designed for all* PWM related LPG and petrol emission systems.
Let your LPG system run more efficiënt!
An optimalisation for both engines with or without catalytic converter!

Especially for American systems

All American LPG systems regulate the air/fuel ratio with dosing needle and some adjusting screws.
To calibrate these systems, manufacturers supplied different dosing needles.
This means it's extremely diffucult to calibrate these systems correctly, which makes only a crude calibration possible.
A crude calibration means: an unnecessary high fuel consumption, a reduced performance and (if available) it could damage your catalytic converter.

With or without catalytic converter

The SkyFire Emission determines by using a Lambda, located in the exhaust, whether or not the air/fuel ratio is optimal.
When the air/fuel ratio isn't optimal, the SkyFire Emission will improve it.
Does your car have a catalytic converter?
Beware of an incorrect air/fuel ratio, which can litterly melt you catalytic converter.
Without a proper functioning catalytic converter, your car won't pass MOT, losses engine performance and you engine could even get damaged.
The damage affects the cylinderhead; valve seats, values, etc.
With the optional Economy mode feature it also optimizes the fuel/air ratio for certain engine loads, which results in an additional reduced fuel consumption. Depending on the engine and engine load it can reach up to an additonal 10% fuel reduction.

For the best engine performance and the lowest fuel consumption, we advise combining a SkyFire Emission with a SkyFire 1 Ignition or a SkyFire 2 Ignition, which produces also a better burn off.

Usable with any of the following LPG-systems

  • OHG
  • M&M
  • etc.

Replacement (upgrade) for the following Lambda regulated systems

The SkyFire Emission is both an upgrade and a replacement for the following LPG Lambda regulated systems, which aren't availabled on the marked for many years now:

IMPCO Commander
DUAL CURVE Digital Fuel Controller
DUAL CURVE Forklift, controller 1
DUAL CURVE Forklift, controller 2
Autotronics O2 Fuel Control 4046

Also a replacement for original fuel control systems

The SkyFire Emission can both be a replacement or upgrade for your BOSCH fuel control system, like:
  • K-Jetronic Lambda
  • KE-Jetronic
  • KU-Jetronic
  • K3 (CIS-III)
  • CIS-E
These systems were used by:
  • AUDI
  • Mercedes
  • Volkswagen
  • etc.
* Only supported for natural aspirated LPG engines.