SkyFire Ignition Driver helps win races


Racing and rally cars are built for maximum performance. All kind of expensive modifications must ensure maximum performance. Many parts will be upgraded to a very high standard. Often the ignition is forgotten, but can make a huge difference. You can get almost free Horse Power due to a better ignition, compared to other upgrades.

The SkyFire Ignition Driver manages the spark with a complete set of algorithms to ensure you have the best performance under any circumstance.

Maps can be optimized for your racing or rally engine, to get the best spark according to your compression, degree of ignition and more.

Power range can also be modified, so the engine will pick up fluently even at REVs as low as 300 RPM. In (rare) cases of erratic signals from your Distributor, the SkyFire Ignition Driver can filter out any distortion, due to it's Digital Timing Control (DTC) feature.