How to install a SkyFire Ignition Driver?

SkyFire Ignition Coil

SkyFire Ignition supplies a High Performance Ignition Coil which is necessary for the best performance. You can leave the old Igntion Coil as a Backup Coil, if preferred. The recommended location for installing the Ignition Coil is on the same position (or near) as the original Ignition Coil. In case of any different location, please consult the Installation Manual.

Example of how the Ignition Coil is installed
Example of how the SkyFire Ignition Driver is installed

SkyFire Ignition Driver

Car manufacturers install their Electronic Control Units (ECUs) inside the cabin, to ensure the best performance and lifespan of the product. Excessive temperatures, which are common under the hood, can reduce life-span or even damage any electronics. Accuracy of all electronic components, in general, is also comprised by high temperatures.

For these reasons, we confirm us to installation guidelines used car manufactures and therefore strongly advise to install a SkyFire Ignition Driver inside the cabin. This to ensure the best performance, accuracy and maximum life-span of the SkyFire Ignition Driver.

Installation tip:
You can install the SkyFire Ignition Driver under the dashboard to make it invisible to the eye and to keep the temperature within desirable ranges.

For more information, please consult the Installation Manual.

We recommend installing the SkyFire Ignition Driver by a certified mechanic, to ensure maximum performance. A certified mechanic can also test the engine, including existing engine electronics, for any malfunctions, which could comprimise the proper working.