High Performance Ignition Coils

High performance coils are coils with an extreme low resistance and a high energy efficiency. This combination will give a much better performance compared to standard coils.

Many so-called High Performance Ignition Coils or "Sports"- Coils are built as a replacement for your existing Ignition System. They are just slightly better than the original Ignition Coil, to avoid burn out of points, point replacements and simple Ignition Systems. In some cases the resistance of the Ignition Coil is too low for the existing Ignition System. Therefore a Ballast Resistor must be installed, which creates a negative effect on the Igntion Coil/Spark.

The SkyFire Ignition Driver uses special High Performance Ignition Coils without the use of any Ballast Resistor. It can easily handle Ignition Coil down to 0.25 Ohm.

Video: Spark Difference between a 3.9 Range Rover Classic 1994 Ignition and a SkyFire Ignition.

SkyFire's High Performance Ignition Coil