SkyFire Ignition Driver Features

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  • More powerful spark
    Up to 400% more energy
  • More performance
    Up to 15% more performance
  • Better Fuel Igniting
    Engine runs more stable, especially on idle (see the Classic Car Euro Challenge section)
  • Improved accelleration
    No more misfires and a complete fuel burn-off
  • Less or no choke required
    Cold engines often don't need any choke at all
  • Suitable for High Performance Coils
    Extreme low resistance coils (0.25 Ohm) and doesn't require any ballast resistors
  • Extremely short Charge Time
    Ability to handle even 12 Cylinders at extremely high revs
  • Even more performance on CNG and LPG
    Up to 15% more performance on CNG and LPG when using an additional map
  • Additional Racing map
    Additional map for either Street or Racing


  • Spark Control
    Uses a set of algorithms and measurements to generate the best ignition spark under any condition
  • Digital Timing Control (DTC)
    Imperfect distributor signals get removed or optimized automatically
  • Timing Correction
    Distrubitor errors can be solved by a timing adaption algorithm
  • Full Range Performance
    Where as Classic Ignition Systems are often optimized for partial load at mid-range,
    SkyFire optimizes the full REV range

Improved Drivability

  • Improved Throttle response
    Reduced or eliminated performance gaps when throttling
    Normally the mixture will become lean when pushing in, before the enrichment kicks in, which generates a performance gap
  • Virtually no Engine vibrations
    Engines are running extremely smooth afterwards, see Classic Car Euro Challenge
  • Optimized according Engine Code
    Every engine is different, which also requires a different configuration
    The most optimal configuration is pre-programmed in the SkyFire Igntion Driver

More ecological

  • Start booster
    Easier starting in winter and with low battery voltages
  • Improved emission values
    Values can differ by car, some examples are shown at the Emissions section
  • Incompatible / modern fuels
    Fuels like E5, E10, E20, propane/butane (LPG), CNG are more difficult to ignite
    The SkyFire Ignition Driver can handle this, due to increase of ignition temperatures
  • Better mixture handling
    No problems with rich and lean mixtures
  • Improved Fuel consumption
    Less fuel consumption, because every spark generates a full burn-off
    This can get up to 10% or in some cases even more
  • Even less Fuel consumption with CNG and LPG
    An additional map for CNG and LPG can reduce the fuel consumption to 12%

Technical Features

  • RPM Range: 60 - 10000 RPM or more
    RPM range depends on motorcode and cylinders
    High RPMs are required for Racing Engines and V8/V12 Engines
  • Several 2D and 3D maps
    Optimized maps by Engine Code for the best performance
    If requested, custom maps are also supported
  • Additional CNG or LPG Maps
    Automatically selects the additional map when switching between fuels
    To get the best performance for each fuel type
  • REV limiter
  • Optional: Backup System
    Keep your original ignition system as a plug and play backup
    In a matter of seconds you can swap between the two systems


  • Every Distributor System
    Points, Electronic points replacements, HALL, reluctor and ECU-triggered are supported
  • Every 2 - 12 cylinders, even odd 6
    Some brands have special 6 cylinder engines, like: Peugot, Alpine, etc.
  • Other systems
    For other systems, like: Distributorless Ignition Systems (DIS), etc.
    Please contact us for options
  • Doesn't compromise the value of the car
    When updating your ignition with a SkyFire Ignition Driver, you:
    • can always go back to the original
    • don't have to adapt any original parts in any way
    • don't need to drill any holes, in most cases
    • can install it out of sight
  • Coil directly connected to ground is supported
    Some cars, 1970's Mercedes cars have this configuration
  • Plug and play installation
  • Easy to read manual