Compare SkyFire Ignition Modules

FeatureSkyFire1 Ignition DriverSkyFire2 Ignition
More Powerful Spark
Up to 400% more energy
More Engine Performance
Up to 15% more performance
High Accuracy
Measured in crankshaft degrees Input vs. Ouput.
For any special configuration, please contact us.
4 - 8 2 - 12 (including odd-6 cylinders)
REV Range
RPM range depends on motorcode and cylinders.
High RPMs are required for Racing Engines.
60 - 10000 RPM 30 - 10000 RPM
Battery voltage
For any special configuration, please contact us.
12V 6V, 12V and 24V batteries
High Effecient Ignition Coil
Works without ballast resistor(s).
0.5 Ohm or higher 0.25 Ohm or higher
Ignition Pickup Interfaces
Points, Electronic points replacements, HALL, reluctor and ECU-triggered are supported.
Distributorless Ignition Systems (DIS)
Timing Analysis
Ignition Advance Timing Up to 2 curves
Vacuum Advance Timing Up to 2 curves
2D Map support
Up to 200 points per map
Up to 2 maps
3d Map support
Up to 60.000 points per map
Up to 2 maps
(On the fly) Switchable Petrol and LPG Map
2nd Map fully optimized for LPG.
Idle RPM Stablization
RPM Limiter
Soft Start Sequencer
Less or no choke required for starting.
Makes it possible to start the Engine with very low REVs (< 100 RPM).
Start Booster
Easier starting in winter and with low battery voltages.
Conditional Spark Enhancement
Set of algorithms for Spark Control and Spark Timing to optimize performance under every circumstance.
Digital Timing Control (DTC)
Flaws within the distributor can be removed or optimized.
Improved Throttle response
Reduced or eliminated performance gaps when throttling
Normally the mixture will become lean when pushing in, before the enrichment kicks in, which generates a performance gap.
Reduced Engine vibrations
Engines are running extremely smooth afterwards, see Classic Car Euro Challenge.
Smoother running Engines have more Performance and less Fuel consumption.
Improved emission values
Values can differ by car, some examples with the SkyFire1 Ignition are shown at the Emissions section.
The most optimal configuration is pre-programmed in the SkyFire Igntion.
Improved Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption, because every spark generates a full burn-off.
Peak-pressure will always be achieved at the right moment.
This can give a reduction of 10% or in some cases even more.
Even less Fuel consumption with CNG and LPG
An additional map for CNG and LPG can reduce the fuel consumption to 12%.
Difficult Fuel Acceptance
Fuels like E5, E10, E20, propane/butane (LPG), CNG are more difficult to ignite.
The SkyFire Ignition can handle this, due to increase of ignition temperatures.
Lean and Rich mixture handling
No problems with rich and lean mixtures.
Optional Backup System
Keep your original ignition system as a plug and play backup.
In a matter of seconds you can swap between the two systems.
Optimized according Engine Code
Every engine is different, therefore requires a different configuration.
The most optimal configuration is pre-programmed in the SkyFire Igntion.
Low Heat Generation
Normally not above ~5 Celcius Environment Temperature.
Low Coil Heat Generation
Normally not above ~5 Celcius Environment Temperature.
Circuit Protection
Values depending on the battery voltage.
Overvoltage and undervoltage. Overvoltage and undervoltage.
Plug and play installation

Optional Always Available

Doesn't compromise the value of the car.

When updating your ignition with a SkyFire Ignition, you:
  • can always go back to the original
  • don't have to adapt any original parts in any way
  • don't need to drill any holes, in most cases
  • can install it out of sight

Coil directly connected to ground is supported.

Some cars, 1970's Mercedes cars have this configuration.