Can your Car beat the Classic Car Euro Challenge (CCEC)?


  • Cars need to be an old timer or a young timer (at least 25 years).
  • Coin needs to be placed on the engine itself.
  • If the coin cannot stay on the engine, due to the surface, you can place bolt or nut attached to the engine, to put the coin on (see Citroen DS21).
  • Coin needs to stand upright for atleast 2 min on a running engine at idle.
  • Idle speed needs to be confirm manufactures spefication (see your tech manual).
  • Coin needs to be a 1 euro or a 2 euro coin.
  • Coin may not be clamped, glued, modified or supported in any way.
  • Coin may not be touched during challenge.
  • Coin must fall down at the end of the video, without touching it.

Land Rover Serie IIa - Easy starting

Start immediately and the engine is virtually vibrationless.
After starting, see how smoothly it picks up when giving throttle.

  • No throttle
  • No choke
  • No extra throttle when starting

Mercedes 107 450SL (4.5L, V8) - Euro Challenge

Mercedes SL107 450 D-Jetronic with SkyFire Ignition.
Has run 110.000 miles and hasn't been driven with in some years.

IWEMA enterprise made the car runnable and installed a SkyFire Ignition Driver.
Engine runs perfectly smooth, virtually without any vibrations.

Euro coil stood for over 3 minutes on the engine (shown only last 23 seconds).
SkyFire doesn't need any tachometer modifications for these kind of Mercedeses.

Range Rover 3.9 (3.9L, V8) - Euro Challenge

Euro coin stays up on engine.

Citroen DS21 (2.1L, 4 cylinder) - Euro Challenge

Coin on engine for over 10 minutes (last 30 seconds shown).

Land Rover Serie IIa (2¼L, 4 cylinder)

Euro coin stays up on fender.

Austin Healy Sprite

Engine idle at 750 RPM.

Commer (3L, 6 cylinder) - Euro Challenge

Euro coin stays on oil cap.

Range Rover 3.5 carb. converted (3.9L, V8) - Euro Challenge

Euro coin staying on engine for over 20 minutes.
After a while we try to generate a wind flow to make it fall down.

SkyFire spark

Spark burns through a piece of paper.

Citroen DS21 - Virtually vibration free

Hood and mirrors don't vibrate at 650 RPM (see light reflection).

Want your movie to join the hall of fame?

Record a movie of about 1 min, where you can see the SkyFire Ignition Driver and the euro standing on the engine.
Submit it to: To make sure your video will be posted:

  • Type, brand and year of the car
  • Decent quality at minimum
  • No license plate or chassis number visible
  • No persons recognizable within the movies (privacy)
  • Optional: description

We also respect your privacy and won't share any of your information except the movie itself and the information of the car specified above.

Note: Not all cars have a spot where the euro can stand on, like a flat underground, but here are some where it can.